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Spring Fling Lacrosse Tournament Registration

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2024 COSTS

GKD Fee: $2,900.00

  • All field rental
  • Two NCAA games
  • Three rated NCAA umpires
  • In-game and post-game statistics
  • Insurance
  • Game staffing
  • Umpire travel, housing assistance costs
  • Staff and management travel assistance costs
  • Staff and management housing costs
  • Website
  • Athletic training costs assistance
  • Inventory storage
  • Management per diem assistance
  • Miscellaneous

Air/ground travel, food, gas supplied by individual team/school.

  • $1000 deposit required to secure place in "SpringFling" event.
  • Deposit amount is applicable to overall GKD fee.
  • Deposit required by November 15.
  • Completion of GKD Fee payment by February 15.
  • 5% monthly fee applied to outstanding balances after March 1.