"SpringFling" believes that the event should be conducted in a manner that best represents the combined efforts of all of the people involved. Players, coaches, administrators, on-site staff, athletic trainers, maintenance, statisticians, videographers, public address, web technicians, should all be highly skilled and well-trained. Perhaps most importantly, "SpringFling" believes the Umpires must be superb in every respect: Professional, communicative, knowledgeable, well-conditioned, experienced, and able to respond to every situation that might arise. We work very diligently to find the right people who meet all of the criteria described to the very best level possible. Umpires for 2024 will include:

Katie Calnen (CT)

Jock Hayes (RI)

Eileen Jones (NY)

Deb Martin (CT)

Jenny Morrison (MA)

Sarah Pidgeon (NY)

Dave Shiffman (CT)

Perky Nellissen (RI) is the Lead Umpire Coordinator.

These umpires' accomplishments include:

(in no particular order)

  • Umpire with longest - running years of service in country.
  • Versatile young umpire who works many Northeast region games and conference championship Final Fours in NESCAC.
  • A highly regarded umpire who serves as primary assigner for the New England region of all NCAA umpires in women's lacrosse.
  • The NCAA National Rules Committee Interpreter. The person who people go to when there is a question about rules. Any rules!
  • An outstanding young official (former player) who is, arguably, the fastest official on the field, in any game in the NCAA Division III.
  • A relative newcomer who has made extraordinary progress and has made a rapid progression to become one of the best new umpires in the country.
  • A highly esteemed National Umpire who has done many NCAA Final Four games, including two NCAA Division III National Championship games.

Lead Umpire Coordinator Perky Nellissen retired several years ago after umpiring for close to forty years, at all levels. One of the true greats of the sport, she will be on the Game Clock and will serve as Game Coordinator for all "SpringFling" games. Thank You, Perky!  

We highly encourage all players, coaches, and fans in the stands to show your appreciation for the outstanding work and commitment to the sport that these people demonstrate during their time at "SpringFling" and beyond!